Version 1.4.2 Adds Default Patterns

posted 11 Aug 2012, 06:11 by BandInAHand Support   [ updated 11 Aug 2012, 15:21 ]

  • Default Piano- and Drums pattern when shake to clear workspace. Allows you to get creative immediately when inspiration strikes.
  • Stability improvements for iOS 5

Version 1.3 Improves Workflow And Usability

posted 18 Mar 2010, 23:32 by BandInAHand Support   [ updated 20 Mar 2010, 02:29 ]

1. 'Preview' Chords

You may now listen to a chord without having to 'commit' it to a bar. Simply tap the Note symbol on the side of the Chord Dial.

2. Easily edit song Name

By double tapping the Song Name label in the Chords Tab, you may edit the song title.

3. Toggle Recordings For Playback

It's now much easier to toggle the recordings that you want to play back. Simply tap the new 'Tapes' button, enter edit mode and check/uncheck the recordings that you want to play back.

For a more detailed walk-through of what's new in version 1.3, please click here

Version 1.2 adds major 7ths

posted 6 Mar 2010, 01:45 by BandInAHand Support   [ updated 6 Mar 2010, 01:51 ]

On popular request we've added support for major 7th chords. 

Band In A Hand has supported dominant 7ths all along (they're just called Maj7). With version 1.2 you may also play major 7ths proper by choosing Maj7#. We decided to implement 7# rather than just major 7ths as it allows more flexibility and more choice (you may use e.g. min7#, 7#sus2, 7#sus4, etc).

Version 1.1 is out

posted 25 Feb 2010, 17:16 by BandInAHand Support

1. Support for iPod touch

Band In A Hand now works on both 1st and 2nd Generation iPod touch, as well as all iPhone generations. As there is no support for microphone on the 1st Generation iPod touch, you will not be able to record vocals on it,  but all instrumental capabilities are fully functional.

On the 2nd Generation iPod touch Band In A Hand is full featured. 

2. Reduced latency on audio recordings

Version 1.0.1 is out

posted 24 Feb 2010, 01:03 by BandInAHand Support

Fixes the issue with music being one semitone off during playback

posted 4 Dec 2009, 08:42 by BandInAHand Support   [ updated 7 Feb 2010, 08:22 ]

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